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Services Offered

Live Life Better focuses on teaching healthy sustainable nutrition practices and creating a healthy relationship with food. Together, we will work on redefining your relationship with food and work towards a better understanding of how the foods you choose affect how your body performs.

Weight-loss/Nutrition plan: A 4-week plan for healthy living without coaching and accountability. A nutrition and fitness program will be provided to you based on your goals. It will be up to you to reach your success and hold yourself accountable. If you think you are capable of doing all the work yourself, this is the plan for you! A simple blueprint of how to get from where you currently are to where you want to be will be provided. A 30-minute health assessment will be included at the start of the plan. This is a 4-week plan that can be continued on a rolling basis. Monthly evaluation of progress and tailoring of goals is done every 4 weeks.

​Meal Plans: Want a "no-think" approach to weight loss? Purchase my morning-to-night “eat this” meal plan based on your convenience factor, weight-loss goals, and preference. If you like to cook and have the time to cook, there will be more elaborate recipes and meals. If you tend to eat on the go or want a “make once and eat for three days” preparation, easy-to-prepare and convenient items are chosen. Leave all the calorie and macro counting, planning, and thinking to me! I will personally put a month-long meal plan together for you. A shopping list will be included to make this all a breeze! The meal plan will come tailored to your calorie goals so no tracking will be needed! Whether you want to follow a low-carb, high-protein, weight-loss, or just simple healthy eating plan, you let me know and I will tailor your meal plan to YOU!

Weight-loss/Nutrition plan + Meal plan: Access to my application where I will provide a nutrition plan, fitness workouts, and a full monthly meal plan to hit your goals. Accountability and coaching are not provided. All the steps will be customized and provided for you to complete the work. Do you have the self-determination and motivation to hit your goals but you just need to know what to do? This is a plan for you!

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