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About Live Life Better

I'm not about quick fixes, detoxes, or miracle potions. I will teach you how to create healthy habits that will improve your life.

My goal is to help you create a way of eating that is enjoyable and sustainable for life. 

Are you ready to achieve the results that have been hard to maintain? Contact me today to jumpstart your health and live life better!

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About Marilyn​

I’m Marilyn Donahue and I love food. Like really, LOVE food. Growing up, I was always super active and never had to worry about what I was eating. It wasn’t until college when my activity level decreased, and my stress load increased, that I began to struggle with weight and body issues.

Even though I was working towards a major in nutrition and dietetics, I was persuaded to try all the fad diets and diet pills that were marketed to me in advertisements. And, as no surprise, all these diets followed the same pattern for me. Promising and exciting at first and then backfiring, leading me to eat more food than I ever did in the first place! Slowly, my weight and my self-control crept out of control.

Then I realized I was overcomplicating EVERYTHING! The answer was simple, it was only up to me to make the correct choices.


After graduating with my B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics, from the University of Delaware, I furthered my professional background by working for a management consulting business that focused on personal development. For years I fine-tuned my skills on how to effectively motivate people. Building on my nutrition skills, I worked as a nutrition consultant for a weight loss company in Philadelphia and spent three years working for the Philadelphia WIC program, teaching nutrition education. 


I have combined my passion for nutrition with my passion for motivating people to create my business, Live Life Better.



I’ve struggled with weight gain… I’ve listened to the media and the sales ads on what works for weight loss and healthy living. It didn’t work for me. There are no magic pills. No detoxes or crazy restrictive diets that can be followed for lasting results. The answer is simple. 

Schedule your consultation with me today and I promise to work with you through your journey. I will give you the tools you need to make healthy choices every day. You will not see results overnight but you also did not get to where you are today, overnight. You will need to work hard on yourself. You will learn how to develop yourself and your life into the life you WANT to live. You have control over your destiny and I will show you how!

Professional Nutrition Experience

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Are you tired of the back and forth of dieting and gaining weight?

Are you frustrated with the misinformation that is fed to you through the media about how to lose weight?


Are you ready to create healthy habits that last?


Purchase a weight-loss plan, meal plan, or contact me for information about my coaching plans today and start your journey to Live Life Better!

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